Texas EMS Conference

November 24-27, 2019

Fort Worth, Texas

Fourth Annual Texas EMS SIM Games

Texas EMS SIM Games is sponsored by Med-Trans Corporation

Grab a partner and come test your skills at the 4th Annual Texas EMS SIM Games! Winners get bragging rights and takes possession of the traveling SIM Games trophy. If that is not enough, participants also get a little continuing education to boot. Plus, there are CASH prizes for the 1st and 2nd place teams. Come join the fun and be part of this friendly yet highly competitive event. Registration is FREE!

The Texas EMS SIM Games is limited to 10 teams.  If we recieve more than 10 teams, additional teams will be placed on stand-by in case of a cancellation.



  • November 24, 2019: 0700-1200 Qualifying Round – Skills specific challenges (Registration Area)
  • November 24, 2019: 1200-1700 Round 1 – Scenario based challenge (5 teams eliminated/5 continue)
  • November 25, 2019: 0900-1300 Round 2 – Scenario based challenge (3 teams eliminated/2 continue)
  • November 25, 2019: 1400-1600 Round 3 – Scenario based challenge (1 team eliminated/winner confirmed)
  • November 26, 2019: TBD – Winning team will be announced at awards luncheon

 Rules of Eligibility

  •  Registration is limited to 10 ALS teams and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • ALS Teams – Each team will be composed of two (2) persons and at least one team member must be a paramedic.
  • Physicians are not eligible to participate as team members.
  • Registered nurses may participate and must hold appropriate certification for the division level of participation.
  • All team members must hold a current Texas certification / license.
  • Each team may designate one alternate crew member should the registered participant be unable to attend the day of the competition.

Competition Rules

  • The teams with the highest scores in the Qualifying Round will progress to the scenario based challenges. All scenario based challenge rounds will be single elimination.
  • Teams must arrive in the staging area 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.
  • Judges will be provided by the Med-Trans Professional Development Team – One judge for skills challenges / Two or Three judges for each of the scenario challenges.
  • Scoring based upon adherence to current AHA, PHTLS, ITLS, and ABLS standards of care.
    • Points will be earned in 4 areas:
      • Scene Management
      • Patient Assessment
      • Patient Management
      • Crew Communication
    • Scoring will be on a 0-1 scale, documented as follows.
      • 0 = item not addressed in any manner
      • 1 = item addressed
    • Scores will be added together for a final team score
    • The team with the highest score progress to the next round; should a tie occur, the team with the highest total combined score from all rounds will progress to the next round
  • Participants must wear their duty uniform.
  • Teams will have 20 minutes to complete the scenario; time begins when you are dispatched.
  • Teams will be expected to perform assessment and treatment modalities on the manikins.
    • Manually check for pulses, auscultate lung sounds, assess pupils, etc. during the assessment
    • Medications should be drawn up at appropriate doses and pushed
    • IV fluids should be spiked and hung at the desired rate
    • Appropriate time amounts should be allotted for onset of medications and other procedures
    • Blood Glucose results will be available 30 seconds after draw time
    • EKGs will be available once the procedure has been appropriately demonstrated
  • Medical control will not be available at any time during the scenario.
  • Crews may not prepare medications or equipment prior to the start of the scenario.
  • Bystander help may or may not be available during a scenario; judges will ensure standardization for each scenario.
  • Team members WILL NOT be sequestered, therefore they will be able to participate in other conference activities during non-competition time. No members of any team, including the alternate, are permitted to enter any competition site before their competition time(s). We are trusting each team to use the honor system. We ask that you report to your designated meeting point, as established at the practice/orientation session, ONLY at the time indicated and wait for a competition staff member to escort you to your competition staging area. However, in the final round of competition the second team to compete will be sequestered by a member of the Med-Trans host team.  During this time there will be no access to mobile devices to include: phones, tablets, smart watches, and radios.
  • It is the expected that all participants will act responsibly, appropriately, and professionally through all phases of the competition. Points can, and will, be deducted at the judge’s discretion for any behavior that is deemed unprofessional or inappropriate during the competition.


  • Manikins: The links provided below will allow you to familiarize yourself with the manikins that will be used during the competition. We will be using the high-fidelity simulators
  • Equipment to be provided by Med-Trans.
    • Monitor / defibrillator with appropriate cables and pads
    • Backboards with CID’s and straps
    • Oxygen tank with regulator
  • Each team is encouraged to supply their own equipment bags similar to what is used by their service on a daily basis. The expectation is for teams to work out of their own equipment bags, so extra medical equipment beyond what you carry into the scenario should not be expected. Please bring extra basic equipment to restock between scenarios.
  • For teams not able to bring their own equipment bag, Med-Trans will supply an ALS approach bag with all of the supplies necessary for each scenario.
  • You may reuse equipment opened for previous scenarios.
  • One calculator and one length based pediatric assessment device will be the only references allowed during the competition.
  • No electronic devices may be accessed during the competition.
  • No mechanical CPR or ventilation devices are permitted.
  • Equipment carried in to a scenario on a team member’s person will be approved by the judges prior to the beginning of the competition.
  • Teams are responsible for the safe disposal of all sharps.

Continuing Education

Texas continuing education hours will be provided through LIFESTAR Education Assistance Program (LEAP). The number of continuing education hours issued, will be based on the duration of participation in the Texas EMS SIM Games. Each participant will be required to fill out an evaluation, prior to receiving a certificate.


If you have any questions about registration, please contact Texas EMS Conference at 512-759-1720 or info@texasemsconference.com.

If you have any questions about the Texas EMS SIM Games or Rules, please contact William Scroggins at 806-290-1135 or william.scroggins@med-trans.net.


2018 Champion:

A Pair A Medics, Lake Travis Fire Rescue

Team Members: Justin Miller, Braden Frame

2017 Champion:

A Pair A Medics, Lake Travis Fire Rescue

Team Members: Braden Frame, Tristan Monks

2016 Champion:

Come At Me Bro, PHI Air Medical

Team Members: Ben Hardy, Don Scott