2020 Texas EMS Conference Handouts

DSHS Coordinator Course – Pre-Conference Course Handouts

Casey Patrick – EMS Serial Killer Series – Part 4 – Altered Mental Status Killers

Stuart Pickell & Kim Callanan – Serious Illness Conversations: Identifying Patients in Need and Engaging Them in Shared Decision Making.

David Sanko – EMS Implications of Body Piercing

Steve Wirth – Busting Boundaries: Six Leadership Strategies to Help Make Collaboration Work or You 

Steve Wirth – Getting the Patient to Like You: It Starts With Taking Care of Yourself 

Steve Wirth – You Call We Don’t Haul: Documenting Refusals and Treatment in Place of Non-Transport Situations 

Matt Zavadsky – Navigating the Perfect Storm: Lower Call Volume, Less Revenue, Budget Cuts