2023 Texas EMS Conference Handouts

Please see the downloadable handouts below for Texas EMS Conference 2023.

Doug Carlyle – Rural EMS Doesn’t Have to Act Rural

Chelsea Couch- Emergency Response and Older Adult Considerations

Kevin Gehrig – Lions and Tigers on Buses OH MY!

Michael Gooch – Hormones, Glands and Steroids: An Endocrine Review

Michael Gooch – Single Dose Killers: Pediatric Toxicology

Michael Gooch – When Critters Bite and Sting

Chivas Guillote & Hashim Zaidi – Breaking the Language Barrier

Bob Page – Stethoscopy: An Ears on Experience

Casey Patrick- Nebulized Ketamine for Analgesia: Why You Should Consider a New Delivery Option

Jon Puryear- Do You Hear the Words That are Coming Out of My Mouth?

Chris Toman- Threat Level Midnight: Sport and Special Event Operations in the Rural Environment

Steve Wirth- Should We Put That in Writing? Better Yet, What Should We Do About It?

Steve Wirth- The Seven Deadly Sins – The Bad Behaviors Most Likely to Get You in Trouble With Your Patient, The Public, Your Agency, and the Law!

Steve Wirth- Malpractice or Murder: When Do EMS Providers Cross the Line from Negligence to Crime?